MCU-Coatings is a unique technology that is able to coat an entire ship, without the restrictions and limitations of traditional coatings.

All MCU-Coatings products are single component moisture cured urethanes that can be applied between -15⁰C – 50⁰C (ambient temperature) and in 6% – 99% humidity. They are all surface tolerant.

Whether you need a coating for immersion, drinking water, chemical resistance, abrasion, impact or decorative purposes, with only 4-6 MCU-Coating products you can protect all surfaces, starting with our universal primers that adhere tenaciously, and overcoat most ‘good’ old coatings.

Interestingly, a 225µm, 2-coat MCU-Coating has been independently tested and is the only coating that has ever been certified in accordance with international test standards for ‘+25 years to first maintenance in a C 5 VH environment after being applied on rusted steel with a ST 3 surface preparation’.

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