Underwater Hulls

MCU-Coatings are extremely durable and have a proven ability to withstand the rigours of ocean travel. All our coatings are highly flexible and abrasive resistant they withstand impacts, and when the coating is compromised they resist undercutting corrosion creep.

Our products accept most standard anti fouling systems.

MCU-Coatings are able to adhere to most ‘traditional’ coatings, even without a primer. MCU-Coatings are available in matte/medium or high gloss.

Our product specification: 125µm MCU-Miozinc primer, 75µm MCU-Miomastic and 75µm MCU-Miotopcoat:

This paint system guarantees faster project completion times as it is not subject to climatic weather restrictions. It is also a proven system that significantly reduces the annualised cost of maintenance.

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