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MCU-Coatings in Australia distributes a range of revolutionary, moisture cured urethane, protective coatings. They are single component, quick drying and surface tolerant, and react with atmospheric moisture to form polyurea linkages that bond tenaciously to both steel and concrete substrates.

Moisture-cured protective coatings have been available for over thirty years. Since acquiring their initial formulations in 2000, MCU-Coatings has continued to work with the inventor of the technology to systematically upgrade and develop the formulations they acquired.

The company’s success and rise to prominence in the protective coatings market is directly attributable to this process of continuous improvement, and willingness to take advantage of technological advancements that have taken place in the last 20 years. These developments are now helping to redefine the market’s expectations of this new generation of protective coating technologies.

In the last 30 years MCU-Coatings have been applied onto millions of m² of steel and concrete, including a myriad of large and specialty projects, over five thousand bridges, and hundreds of major hydro, marine, wastewater, offshore, petrochemical, pipeline and military projects all across the globe.

Combine this real case history, with all the independent test evaluations that have been conducted pursuant to international testing standards, and obvious application efficiencies, it is little wonder that MCU-Coatings is now making substantial inroads into the international protective coatings market.

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