Moisture Cured Urethanes – the future of protective coatings



Hard-wearing and tough protection for miners


Protection for maritime assets

Oil & Gas

Coatings for land and sea assets

Power Grid

Power(ful) protection solutions

Road & Rail

Long term protection for the transport sector

Utility Providers

Steel and concrete protection in and around water

Ports & Harbours

Concrete and steel in C 5 M environments


Steel and concrete protection for everyday use

Demonstrable Efficiencies and Cost Savings

  • 2-coat system
  • Applied in – 15°C
  • Applied in 6-99% humidity
  • Touch dry in 10 minutes
  • Short recoat intervals
  • Adhesion on steel/aluminium 14-19 Mpa

Independently validated pursuant to:

  • » Comparative client tests
  • » ISO
  • » Norsok and
  • » Shell testing standards
  • In a comparable test MCU-Coatings received a SSPC-VIS 2: Rust grade 10 (No rusting or less than 0.01% of surface rusted) rating after 6 years and again after 18 years!
  • None of the other 10 tested systems received a 10 rating when evaluated after 6 years.

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