Superyachts have a unique design focused on aesthetics and speed rather than functionality or ease of maintenance. Their hull is usually made from steel or aluminium, while the superstructure is built with composite materials and light alloys, all of which can all be coated with MCU-Coatings.

MCU-Coatings are ideal for superyacht maintenance because they look great and they last.

The captain and crew are also able to carry out essential maintenance, whether they are at sea or in a harbour, as MCU-Coatings are single pack, adhere tenaciously and are easy to apply in all conditions.

Marine engineers are always mindful of their sea-stock. MCU-Coatings has this issue covered as it only requires 4 or 5 products with one thinner to protect most on-board surfaces. That’s it!

Our basic marine specification is a 150µm DFT Primer and 75µm DFT Topcoat:

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