Decks, Topsides and Super Structures

To survive on a ship’s exterior coatings need to have a balance between, flexibility; surface hardness; adhesion and barrier effect. They are subjected to continual flexing and movement and are exposed to sea salts, UV and weathering from the high humidity, heat or extreme cold and ice, which test coatings to their limits. Besides, ship decks are working platforms and have to endure impacts and abrasions, which in itself is a major cause of premature failures that results in frequent repainting.

MCU-Coatings have been successfully applied to ships for more than 20 years, and have also consistently out-performed 2 pack epoxy and polyurethane coatings in comparative real-life field trials.

MCU-Coatings are able to adhere to most ‘traditional’ coatings, even without a primer. MCU-Coatings are available in matte/medium or high gloss.

Our standard coating specification for ship decks is MCU-Zinc at 150µm DFT and MCU-Miotopcoat at 75µm DFT:

This paint system guarantees faster project completion times as it is not subject to climatic weather restrictions and can therefore reduce annualised maintenance costs by more than 50%. Ask us how?

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