There is simply no requirement to carry the ridiculous number of specialist coatings products other suppliers’ mandate!

MCU-Coatings products are ideal for fast project completion times, they adhere really well on hand-prepared surfaces and only require 2 coats. The system could not be simpler for onboard maintenance because with 4 – 6 MCU-Coatings products and only 1 MCU-Thinner you have everything you will ever need.

MCU-Coatings products are all single-component and have no pot-life limitations when properly handled. They can also be applied in cold, damp weather conditions, without fresh water cleaning before painting and are a really good at overcoating because of their flexibility and adhesion.

Our primers adhere to mechanically prepared St 2 and St 3 surfaces. When fast completion is required and traffic is an issue the addition of MCU-QuickCure ensures painted surfaces can be touch dry within 10 minutes. By using MCU-Quickcure they can also be recoated after 45 minutes.

Our standard two-coat specification is MCU-Zinc at 150µm DFT and MCU-Miotopcoat at 75µm DFT. What you need for on-board maintenance:

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