Wastewater Assets

MCU-Coatings contain micaceous zinc and iron oxide fillers that create an impermeable barrier within the coating because the platelets align themselves, roughly parallel to the substrate, to produce layers of overlapping and interleafing particles that obstruct the permeation of moisture and other contaminants through the coating.

MCU-Coatings remain flexible, adhere tenaciously to concrete and steel, do not crack and are not prone to blistering. They are chemically resistant and have therefore been applied extensively in wastewater facilities for many years, and have an enviable record in and around water because they do not lose their adhesion.  MCU-Coating’s mastic topcoat has also been approved for potable water usage.

Our standard specification in and around water is 170µm DFT MCU-Miozinc primer and 120µm DFT MCU-Miotopcoat:

Other coating features:

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