Railway Stations

We appreciate that maintaining railway stations is problematical because drying times inevitably cause service disruptions and inconvenience passenger. With MCU-Coatings this problem is solved because the coatings are touch dry within 10 minutes and they are recoatable after 45 minutes, so whole areas can be completed in a single night shift!

The same coating materials can also be applied to both steel and concrete. MCU-Coatings are all single pack, which further improves applicator efficiencies and they are available in 3400 RAL colours, in matte, low sheen and gloss. Interestingly, they are also graffiti resistant.

Extensive testing has shown that when properly applied MCU-Coatings are able to reduce the annualised cost of maintenance by more than 50% because of the added longevity of these hard-wearing coatings.

Our standard railway station coating specification is 150µm MCU-Zinc primer DFT and 75µm MCU-Miotopcoat DFT.

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