Wind turbines operate in the most challenging circumstances and climatic extremes. The stresses, pressures, flexing, impacts and weathering that these giant machines are subjected to is extraordinary. So for a protective coating to perform in these circumstances it has to be really good, which is why MCU-Coatings, after months of testing, has recently been approved as a supplier to Siemens Gamesa in Europe.

MCU-Coatings have a number of features that make it a perfect solution for windfarm maintenance because it:

Our standard windfarm steel coating specification is 150µm MCU-Zinc primer DFT and 75µm MCU-Miotopcoat DFT.

With these specifications MCU-Coatings guarantees application efficiencies because it is single component paint that is more efficient to use when working at heights, requires only 2 coats and is also not subject to climatic weather restrictions like other traditional coatings. It also has superior adhesion and weathering properties, which also reduce the annualised cost of maintenance.

Testing by Siemens Gamesa in Europe…. that’s got to tell you something!

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