Hydropower systems are capital intensive assets that produce a significant income for many decades provided they are operated efficiently and are properly maintained. Protection against corrosion in and around water is critically important because unforeseen or preventable outages tend to be expensive, particularly when considering the cost of end-user service disruptions.

Hydroelectricity sites are often remote, difficult to access and are run with a skeleton staff so long lasting, simplified coating systems that can be applied to both steel and concrete, even in winter months, are both practical and really convenient.

Our standard hydroelectricity coating specification on steel is 150µm DFT MCU-Zinc primer and 75µm DFT MCU-Miotopcoat, and on concrete is 150µm DFT MCU-Zinc primer and 120µm DFT MCU-Mastic, which works really well for these hydroelectric sites because:

Whether it is transmission distribution towers, pipelines of sluice gates you have a protective coating that is cost efficient to apply and will reduce the annualised cost of maintenance by more than 50%. All you have to do is look at our independent test results.

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