Coal Power Stations

MCU-Coatings have been used extensively in Europe to protect coal power station assets.

It is no secret that our coal-fired power stations are ageing and they are expensive to maintain, because they are highly susceptible to corrosion from the coal dust, heat and moisture they generate.

With our base resin we are able to seal and protect the boiler steel and turbine housing structures, waste pipes and FGD system, the chimney, storage tanks and conveyor systems – all with the same primer, because the primer bonds, really well, to both steel and concrete. Our coatings have also performed well in C 5 environments and we also have case studies and test results to prove it!  We do not need an array of specialist coatings to confuse and impress.

Our standard two-coat system to provide long term protection to coal fired power stations is MCU-Zinc at 150µm DFT and MCU-Miotopcoat at 75µm DFT:

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