Ports are generally classified as extreme C5M environments so everything needs to be protected and maintained.  To make matters worse, there is never a lot of time between vessel mooring times to apply protective coatings.  MCU-Coatings work really well in these situations because they only require 2 coats, they dry quickly and can be recoated 45 minutes after being applied, so it is now possible to complete essential maintenance within a single shift.

Our standard product specification for cranes is 150µm DFT MCU-Zinc primer and 75µm DFT MCU-Miotopcoat:

Other system features:

This 2-coat paint system guarantees faster project completion times and application savings up to 50% as it is not subject to climatic weather restrictions like traditional polyurethane and epoxy coatings. It will also reduce the annualised cost of maintenance because of the extended life of the coating.

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