MCU-Coatings has a long history of use protecting petroleum assets around the world, with our long-life coatings. We are also able to demonstrate significant application savings, particularly when challenged by the weather, and can show you how to lower your average cost of maintenance.

Onshore oil and gas structures are situated in climatic extremes ranging from coastal to desert regions. These complex plants and structures are affected by abrasion and chemical attacks from; sand, salts, acid/alkali fumes, salt-complexes, oil and refined products and are also subjected to extreme temperature variations from freezing to high heat. In some zones assets are even subject to periodic immersion in salt and/or fresh water.

MCU-Coatings work in all these environments because they adhere tenaciously, they are flexible, they have excellent UV properties, they withstand natural weathering and they do not embrittle over time.

Our standard specification for onshore protection is MCU-Miozinc at 150µm DFT and MCU-Miotopcoat at 75µm DFT:

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