Offshore drilling platforms are invariably harsh C5 (VH) corrosion environments. Marine environments,  temperature extremes and inherent high humidity ensure this is a rigorous testing ground for any industrial coating. While many will fail, or cannot even be applied, MCU-Coatings will survive and provide long term protection.

You know this because MCU-Coatings Zinc primers have been extensively tested pursuant to the rigorous Shell Testing Standards in Europe, have all exceeded 10,000 hours of salt spray tests and due to their exceptional adhesion, there has been negligible creep demonstrated in the ‘scribe tests’. The coatings elasticity absorbs vibrations and steel movement without cracking and their resilience and durability is well suited to the rigours of industrial wear and tear on offshore drilling platforms.

On-board maintenance with MCU-Coatings could not be simpler of more efficient because with our universal primers just 4 – 6 MCU-Coatings products are able to protect the entire rig. Our MCU-Coatings are also not restricted by the weather like other coatings systems and they ensure faster project completion times and reduced annualised maintenance.

MCU-Coatings are, without doubt, the best choice for offshore oil & gas applications.

Our standard specification for offshore protection is MCU-Miozinc at 150µm DFT and MCU-Miotopcoat at 75µm DFT:

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