Thermal Insulation / CUI Coating

MCU-Insulat 230 is an effective and inexpensive liquid ceramic insulation coating, consisting of a mixture of ceramic beads blended into a high quality acrylic polymer binder system. MCU-Insulat 230 provides thermal insulation for a variety of industrial applications.

Due to its excellent reflectivity and emissivity, MCU-Insulat 230 reflects or re-emits 98% of the radiant energy that it comes into contact with, which means that only 2% of the radiant energy is absorbed. MCU-Insulat 230 is therefore very good at protecting personnel from hot or cold burn hazards.

Because it physically adheres to steel surfaces, MCU-Insulat 230 also significantly reduces corrosion and rust formation as no water is able to penetrate and reach the surface. In so doing, MCU-Insulat 230 prevents condensation usually associated with refrigeration and cooling equipment (and by definition also prevents the formation of ice). MCU-Insulat 230 is extremely lightweight and pliable as it expands and contracts with the surface to which is applied. The use of MCU-Insulat 230 in place of other insulation also, reduces both the space and weight for any given structure or piece of equipment.

Specification: 170µm MCU-Miozinc (for temperature ranges up to 145⁰C) in conjunction with 1000 – 5000µm MCU-Insulat 230. For higher temperatures up to 420⁰C MCU-Zinc HH should be used as the primer.

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