Food & Beverage

MCU-Coatings have been tested pursuant to European testing standards for use with both potable water and food. These independent test certifications prove that MCU-Coatings do not leach or off-gas once they have cured.

Not-surprisingly, the industrial equipment used in the food industry is manufactured using a wide range of unknown metal alloys, which is where MCU-Miozinc really shines because, unlike most other industry primers, it is a true universal primer that bonds tenaciously to suitably prepared metal alloys. This alone sets MCU-Coatings apart, because if you don’t have adhesion, you’ve got nothing!

It is also highly advantageous that MCU-Coatings are thin-film, and require only 2-coats. Whilst this is aesthetically pleasing it is also important that the coatings are not affected by shear when tightening nuts, bolts and screws. They are also flexible, and extremely durable, so they are able to absorb everyday impacts, without chipping or cracking, which is why they are ideal for use in and around kitchens and potable water equipment.

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